Terms and Conditions

By making a booking with Girlz in Gear  you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

The pupil certifies that a valid UK license is held to drive within the UK

In the event of circumstances beyond the instructors control they reserve the right to cancel, or rearrange, the lesson at short notice.

A MINIMUM OF 48 HOURS is required for any cancellation of a lesson. Failure to give such notice shall result in, the full lesson fee liable to be paid for the duration of the lesson booked / forfeiture of any pre-payment for the late cancelled lesson / forfeiture of any voucher redeemed against the cancelled lesson.

If a pupil is running late for a lesson they must inform the instructor asap. After 15 minutes waiting time the lesson is deemed to have been cancelled and shall be charged in full.

If the lesson can be rearranged within the current Monday – Sunday week then the late fee may be waived at the discretion of the instructor.

Payment for each lesson is payable on or before the lesson. Cheques shall NOT be accepted, bank transfers are required to clear prior to a lesson commencing.

Refunds for any pre-paid lessons must be submitted by email and shall be refunded within ten working days of receipt of request. All lessons taken shall be charged at the full hourly rate, in addition an admin fee of one hour shall be charged. All block booking and gift voucher fees must be redeemed within 6 months from first lesson otherwise no refund.

A lesson is of a minimum 1hr duration, if for any reason outside of the instructors control it is not possible to give the full hour lesson then any lost time will be added to later lessons.

The price paid for the driving test fee does not include the use of the car for the purpose of the test, a one hour booking and the charge of the car for test will be required for the day of the test.

Driving tests may only be arranged with the prior agreement of the instructor and the pupil. Any pupil who books a test without informing the instructor first may have to change their test date if this is not convenient to both the instructor and pupil.

The instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of the vehicle for a driving test.

If the motorway lesson is to be taken in the pupils own vehicle, valid road tax and insurance need to be in place.

A valid UK provisional licence is required.